About BCID

The objectives of the British Columbia Industrial Design Association are:

  1. To maintain a list of Professional Industrial Designers in British Columbia.
  2. To foster high standards of design, Industrial Design education and professional integrity as a service to the Canadian public and the manufacturing industry.
  3. To increase the proficiency of members engaged in the design and promotion of products destined for mass production and/or consumption.
  4. To participate in educational processes and to assist qualified institutions to raise and promote standards of training of Industrial Design.
  5. To encourage, support and coordinate research in Industrial Design and closely related fields.
  6. To serve as the authoritative voice of Industrial Designers in British Columbia and to represent their interests nationally.
  7. To promote the services and values of Industrial Designers to the business community, general public and government agencies.
  8. To develop a cohesive relationship among Industrial Designers, design educators and students, and related professionals such as mechanical engineers, graphic designers, furniture designers, exhibition and display designers, Interior Designers, Engineers and Architects.