BCID Student Award Of Excellence 2013 – Rowan Liivamagi

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The British Columbia Industrial Design Association is pleased to honour Rowan Liivamagi with the 2013 Student Award of Excellence.
The BCID Student Award of Excellence is presented each year to a student in the industrial design program at Emily Carr University whose thesis project demonstrates an outstanding understanding of the product development process.

Please see below information on Rowan’s project – Väärtus

For more information on Rowan’s other project – please visit www.rowanliivamagi.com

Väärtus is assistive jewellery that empowers women with arthritis.

Väärtus is about value and pride. Arthritis is a problem occurring with our aging population; the need for medical aids to perform everyday tasks is apparent. Current assistive devices are clumsy, undependable, impermanent, poorly made, unhelpful and ugly. People who require aids don’t want to use them. Vaartus is the opportunity to bridge the gap between what is currently available and the demand set out by a modern aging audience seeking value and independence.

The keychain is designed in three sizes with a loop handle and a side-slot to fit key interchangeably to create a lever motion for individual keys of various sizes. The single ring contains a nuanced loop to latch and pull buttons through buttonholes and also acts as a device to push and pull clothing. The same ring has a tapered hook for zippers and a notch to anchor the piece when in use. The double ring is for any writing/ painting/ drawing/ crafting device in a normal cylindrical size. It can be used at 90 or 45 degrees and either between two fingers or thumb and forefingers, dependant on preference.

The pieces are each designed in multiple sizes and can be 3d printed in a variety of materials and colours. They will be available on shapeways or chosen from the specifically designed kit and ordered through health professionals or the designer.

My evaluation of success is how valuable my users find my project. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to benefit the user and bring value and independence to their lives.

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