BC Premier’s Technology Report on Industrial Design

By Chris • Jul 14th, 2012 • Category: All Posts, Featured Links, Local Design News

The BCID is pleased to announce that the BC Premier’s Technology Council has released its eleventh report, which focuses on three topics: Clean technology, regional innovation and industrial design. The Premier’s Technology Council was established in August 2001 to advise the government on issues related to the advancement and application of technology in British Columbia. More information about the council and copies of its reports and recommendations are available on the Premier’s website at www.gov.bc.ca/prem/ – follow the links to Premier’s Technology Council.

The BCID has assisted the PTC with their data collection and published case study informations related to industrial design. The industrial design section is a written supplement to the report entitled the “Industrial Design Advantage”. Please download the press release, the 11th report and the ID supplement document here:


ptc_11th_report (PDF)

bc_ptc_id_report_20081 (PDF)

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